Effective bid presentations

Do you know how to structure a bid presentation for greatest impact? Do you think speaking to a few people is different from speaking to hundreds? Do you find speaking in public to be a stressful and difficult experience?

If so, it needn’t be!

We will show you various techniques for maximising your powerful delivery of your key messages. You will also benefit from increased confidence to give presentations, and from knowing how to make them much more comfortable for you - which means you will deliver them better.

Public speaking is a great example of a situation in which confidence, decisiveness and ability can be improved dramatically using effective models and techniques that we will share with you.

Our bid presentation skills training offers important benefits including:

  • Engaging your audience and achieving rapport with them
  • Motivating your audience and leaving them feeling inspired
  • Skills of language types to tap into your audience's preferred styles
  • Knowing how to use your body language to great effect
  • Structuring your presentations really well and setting clear objectives with well-formed outcomes
  • Delivering persuasive presentations that increase the chances of desired audience decisions
  • Using your voice tonality to good effect
  • Knowing how to deal with difficult questions
  • Knowing how best to ask your audience questions
  • Using audience activities and exercises during your training sessions
  • Giving feedback to people, and knowing how best to ask for it

Looking for a winning bid presentation and the ability to speak in public? Get in touch today.

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