Proposals and documents

Bid proposals and documents

Our writing services are as relevant for technical documents as they are for bid proposals, academic reports, letters, CVs and many other forms of written material.

We work to give you the greatest impact and advantage through your written material.

Your writing needs to provide accurate content presented in a layout that makes an impact. It needs to be engaging and add to the persuasiveness of your messages. The brevity, precision, clarity, and simplicity of your presentation style are key determinants of how easily your document will be understood and how much impact it will make.

Influence decision makers and investors

Your prequalification and tender submissions need to be written in such a way that everybody in your prospective customers’ procurement processes, including external advisers, are influenced positively towards your proposals over your competitors' submissions.

We help you to achieve the best bid documents for your purposes, or produce them ‘from scratch’ for you. We work with you to determine your needs, so you receive the most effective end result.

The benefits of effective bid proposal writing are clear:

  • Save your time and effort in writing - save your money
  • Increase your customers’ ease of reading through the engaging 'flow' of your documents
  • Make it easier for your customers to understand your messages
  • Increase the credibility of, and belief in, your services and skills
  • Maximise your readers’ positive perceptions

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