Bid strategy and professional coaching

Your bid strategy needs to be focused on creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. As an individual, your personal strategy defines how you achieve important milestone goals in your bids, to ensure you keep on delivering value to your business and your customers.

Your bid strategy should be clear, easy to understand, and broken down into measurable components, to ensure that it is effective.

Likewise, your personal strategies, for overcoming challenges and achieving goals that take you closer to where you and your business need you to be, must also be well-defined, specific and measurable if you are to enjoy the success and advancement that you want.

We help you to do three things:

  • Develop your bid strategy to focus on what matters to your customers and your business
  • Break down your bid challenges into manageable steps that can be achieved individually and built up to much greater outcomes for your bids and your business
  • Communicate your strategy in a way that makes sense to your stakeholders and your customers, and gains their 'buy-in'

How do we do this?

As qualified and experienced coaches, we do this with one-on-one focused sessions and / or group workshops. These focus on your priorities, which we help you to translate into achievable goals. We do this through an effective coaching service, helping you to break your bid goals into manageable steps that enable you to realise a sense of accomplishment as you achieve them.

We use coaching as an effective and proven way of helping you to move towards your goals. Coaching is an interaction by which we work together to understand what you want to achieve and what matters most in your bids, to determine the best and most sustainable ways to move forward.

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