Case Study

Developing winning construction methodologies for highways projects


Our client was a joint venture of two global construction giants bidding for a Highways England scheme to create a new interchange between two major roads. The £75m project was to turn the UK’s A19 / A1058 roundabout junction into a grade-separated interchange to relieve congestion and improve the efficiency of traffic flows in the Tyne and Wear City region. We worked with subject matter experts to develop the messaging that convinced Highways England of our client’s credibility, experience and competitiveness for the work.

Interchange Pic with Caption


We developed the construction methodology collaboratively with our client, demonstrating how the proposals would deliver the scheme faster, at lower cost to the public purse, and with less disruption to the travelling public. Using a semi-structured interview approach with subject matter experts, we identified the aspects that mattered most, including health and safety performance, offsite component manufacture, resources, and traffic management. We planned the responses to bid questions to ensure the greatest impact by showing how our client’s proposals represented the best value for taxpayers’ money.


One of our challenges was to collate a great deal of technical and logistics information into coherent proposals that addressed Highways England’s requirements. We managed this task by reviewing the material with the subject matter experts to understand its engineering aspects and which of Highways England’s challenges were most directly impacted. This enabled us to structure the material in a way that demonstrated our client’s strong understanding of the project, and of what it would take to complete the works safely and efficiently.


The outcome was a successful bid that led to our client’s further discussions with Highways England in preparation for the start of detailed design and construction.

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