Write - Say - Win™

From proposals to presentations, we help you win more work

As a leading proposal and bid consultancy, Mercury Communication & Strategy gives you all the tools you need to develop your business, impress your partners and win more work. We provide three services to help you win more work:

  • Producing and editing your proposals and other essential documents
  • Helping you create your presentations
  • Training or coaching your people to present with impact, to be their best in their roles, and to overcome challenges

Team coaching

With our solid background in business development, bid strategies and successful partnerships, our expert coaching services will give you and your team the edge you need to succeed. Your bid strategy needs to be focused on creating a competitive advantage for your business. Your strategy defines how you will achieve winning bids with submissions that demonstrate value to your customers.

Winning proposals

When it comes to proposal development, Mercury has you covered. A written document is often your first opportunity to make an impact. Your messages need to be clear, and address what matters most to the reader, particularly important in your bids. We help you to create bids that make your unique strengths stand out, and that show how your services avoid your competitors' weaknesses.

Presentation training

To secure more work, you need a winning presentation. Do you know how to structure your presentations for greatest impact? How do you handle post-tender interviews? Do you find speaking in public to be a stressful and difficult experience? If so, it needn’t be! Let us show you how to speak with confidence, and to generate rapport with your audience. That is important for increasing your chances of bid success.

Our services provide businesses and individuals with the following benefits:

  • Clarity of a well-designed strategy for the business and its bids
  • Improved focus and clarity for achieving individual and team goals
  • Effective time management to make the best use of your resources
  • Creation of winning proposals and supporting documentation
  • Clearly defined key messages for maximum impact
  • Increased confidence for public speaking and presentation delivery

For more information about our services or how Mercury can help you win more work and boost your business growth, get in touch.

Are you ready to win more work?