Case Study

Training for people unfamiliar with formal bidding in the private sector


We delivered a focused bid training course for 20 charity sector specialists considering commercial tendering for work in the field of childcare. This was about the Government’s social care activities being outsourced in respect of helping young victims of crime to recover from their experiences. In the Thames Valley region, the services were to be outsourced via the office of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner (TVPCC). Our training audience had no experience of formal bidding in the commercial sector, and they had little time to learn the fundamentals in preparation for their bids to the TVPCC. The time pressure was due to the bid programme that the TVPCC had to impose to meet the Government’s schedule. Our training session was a critical part of the delegates’ preparation.

We delivered this training in collaboration with SR Consulting, one of our trusted associates. SR Consulting has many years’ experience of the criminal justice sector. The combination of our respective expertise led to a very strong training session for the group.



Our training material focused on:

• What commercial clients look for in bid responses
• How to create an effective bid strategy
• Using a tried and tested process to implement the bid strategy
• How to use value propositions in bids so that the bid stands out
• Techniques for writing to make an impact


The delegates were from various backgrounds, and had different levels of experience in securing funding for their charities. One of the challenges at the start of the session was to understand everyone’s experience, including individuals’ concerns and objectives for the day. This ensured we delivered training that met everyone’s specific requirements for their future commercial bidding. The open discussion of experience at the start helped delegates to realise that they were all ‘in the same boat’, which created a sense of similarity that inspired sharing of thoughts, questions and ideas. All our training sessions are interactive to ensure that everyone has plenty of opportunities to contribute their own thoughts and questions, from which the whole group benefits.


The delegates left the session with confidence, feeling inspired to tackle future commercial bids, particularly the upcoming TVPCC bids. Delegates’ feedback reflected their sense of progress in their learning from the session:

What difference will today’s event make to your work and how you bid?

• “It will help enormously, especially the work around planning”
• “Allow more time and develop structure”
• “It’s good to have this at the forefront of my mind when I go into the process”
• “More focused writing”
• “Seeing possible ways of using the planning tools with consortium partners”
• “More planning, not just for bids”
• “Gives me confidence to bid”
• “Confirmation of the need to write more simply and with bigger impact”
• “Rather than launching into it, we can take a more organised approach”
• “Very constructive session. I think this will change my writing style substantially”
• “Cutting the waffle. Ensuring structured planning time”

Is there anything overall you’d like to write that you won’t mind being used for our marketing?

• “Very professional presentation”
• “Very clear delivery and very knowledgeable presenter”
• “A clear and precise, well presented workshop. Three hours well spent. A very good presenter”
• “Very well presented, great content and time well spent”
• “Precise and focused workshop”
• “Authoritative and engaging presentation”

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