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Taking A Steer From Coaching: 35 Questions For Self Development

You’re busy addressing others’ priorities, but what about your own? In the bidding world, we spend our time helping others to achieve their goals – e.g. a bid writer supporting her / his client to prepare a winning bid so that the organisation can deliver products and / or services to enable the end client […]

Preparing For Your Bid Presentations in 2018

An important part of the bidding process is the step after you submit your knock-out tender, when you deliver your post-tender presentation. This is when your client’s decision makers will be even more convinced of your credibility for the job, or left with doubt about how realistic your tender promises were. When preparing presentations to […]

Before Writing A Bid To Win New Work, Do You Ask The Best Questions?

What’s coaching got to do with bidding? In a previous blog post, we explored some of the essential factors to remember when writing a bid document.  You can catch up with that post here.  This time, let’s consider examples of great questions you can ask your clients and yourself before setting pen to paper…or should […]

Do Speakers Always Seem Authentic?

In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at how to present without notes (, communicating strategy ( and how not to spoil an otherwise good presentation (  This time, we’re having a look at what it takes to ensure authenticity, believability and credibility when presenting.

What Do You Value?

In personal coaching, we pay particular attention to our clients’ values and beliefs because they guide our clients’ actions, which are based on their decisions, both conscious and subconscious.  Values are the principles and standards by which people live their lives, or the moral principles and accepted standards of a person or group.  We all […]

Take the Coach to Your Future

Coaching is a conversation between two people, the coach and the client.  The objective of the conversation is for the coach to help the client to achieve a stated goal by enabling the client to mobilise his or her own existing capabilities.  The principle of coaching is that we all have inherent capabilities to meet […]